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users are not able to run assemblies deployed in GAC


I'm currently deploying MOSS Portal to Production environment fresh installation , Medium farm, for internet website and it works fine till now,
but when i came to the point to check the functionality i noticed that some workflows which i run them through Events Manager assemblies (resides in GAC + Virtual Directories), are not anymore running for any accounts in the network , that was working properly before in testing environment,
the only way to run them is under the system account "administrator" , and its very critical to me to figure out what i reason they r u not running under others account,
the workflows attached to libraries which those account have assigned permission for them through SharePoint Groups e.g.(Authors,Auditors,Masters), and all have the required permission to add and edit content inside the libraries to run the workflows through Events Manager,
anyone can help to fix this issue and makes workflows running again under different account,